Our priority is to equip our clients and their agents with the information and legal advice they need to enable the best possible quality of life throughout their long lives. Ideally, planning for long-term care and the disposition of an estate occurs before the need arises.

When assets or income are insufficient to fund the expense of quality care for an elderly person (or a younger person with the medical necessity for such care), we work with families in whatever condition they find the estate. We may refer you to a Geriatric Care Manager if you need help with choosing the best care setting and services for your loved one. With the care plan in place, then we can work with caregivers to conserve assets to the extent possible, while seeking the best care in the most suitable environment. We seek to provide peace of mind for our clients.

Practice Areas
Elder Law

Getting Medicaid, Medicare, VA pension and other benefits to provide the best long-term care possible for you or your loved ones.

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Probate and Probate Avoidance

Avoiding probate with Family Settlement Agreements, Affidavits of Heirship, Living Trusts, etc. when possible; or if necessary, getting Wills probated as quickly as possible and helping executors and trustees with their work.

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Estate Planning

Protecting yourself (if you become incapacitated during your lifetime) with Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney, Living Will, etc.; and protecting your family (after your lifetime) with Lady Bird Deed or Transfer on Death Deed, Living Trust, Will, etc.

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