“I am writing regarding my experience with the legal services I received from Clyde Farrell.  In the summer of 2008, my step-mother made the wise decision to meet with Clyde for estate planning.  The legal documents for her and my father were updated.  Unfortunately, a few months ago she died suddenly, and as executor of her estate, it was very nice for me that her affairs were in order.

My father needed to move to a nursing home and Mr. Farrell and his staff also assisted me with Medicaid planning.  Applying for Medicaid is complex, and I had great peace of mind knowing that Clyde has extensive knowledge and experience with this process.  The application was approved without a hitch.

Clyde Farrell has counseled me regarding complicated and confusing issues and has been thorough and knowledgeable.  My experience with Clyde has been very positive, and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of an elder law attorney.”

- J.P.

“Mr. Farrell and his staff accomplished some great things for us. They were able to get one of my parents on Medicaid and also helped us protect some assets, which we didn’t know would be possible. They are a highly professional group. They did a lot of hard work for us and treated us with a lot of caring.”

- J.L.

“We would highly recommend Clyde Farrell to anyone who is in need of an elder care attorney.  We resided in South Florida and P’s parents resided in Austin, Texas.  P’s father was forced to go to a nursing home due to numerous medical conditions.  This left P’s mother at home alone and placed a tremendous financial burden on her parents.  We contacted Clyde Farrell because he was listed as a certified elder care attorney.  We had previously dealt with an elder care attorney in Florida for G’s grandmother, so we knew the benefit of his credentials.

We scheduled a meeting with Mr. Farrell while we were in Austin.  We told him the circumstances, provided all the necessary legal and financial information, and within a few weeks Clyde had put together an in-depth plan that we could study giving us three different scenarios of how to proceed.  We collaborated with P’s brother and sister and determined the plan we thought would be best.  Mr. Farrell and his staff were always available to answer questions and guide us through the process of getting my father qualified for Medicaid, which we were able to accomplish in four months.

A year and half later, my mother had to also go to the nursing home and because of the planning we had done in the past, we were able to pay her expenses with her own funds.  A year later, we were forced to take another route and we again consulted Mr. Farrell.  He met with us while we were in Austin and formulated another plan which we put into action.  We applied for and received a VA pension for my father which was approved and paid within 6 weeks, an amazingly short period of time for dealing with the VA.  P’s father passed away 8 days after his first VA pension check was received, allowing P’s mother to be eligible for her widow’s portion of that pension and helped her to remain financially independent until her death 6 months later.

For a period of three and one-half years, we consulted with Mr. Farrell every time something new arose or we had questions.  They were always available to assist us immediately.  Due to the expert advice and assistance of Clyde Farrell and his staff, we were able to preserve ownership of the marital home and a considerable amount of P’s parents’ assets.  The money we paid for Mr. Farrell’s services was well spent and allowed us to protect the dignity of their lifestyle and preserve their assets.  We are very grateful that we found Mr. Farrell and would highly recommend his services.”

- G.M. & P.M.
- U.S. News & World Report “Best Law Firms in Texas in Elder Law” (First Tier) awarded 2013-2016