- U.S. News & World Report “Best Law Firms in Texas in Elder Law” (First Tier) awarded 2013-2018

“My experience with Clyde Farrell and his firm was great from day one.  I had my initial interview with Mr. Farrell and he and fellow attorney, Meredith Sullivan, handled the case for my husband and me from then on.  When I could no longer care for my husband at home I had to admit him as a resident at a nursing home here in Austin.  They walked me through every step I needed to take to obtain Medicaid for my husband’s long-term care.  Another attorney actually referred me to Mr. Farrell because, as she said “He literally wrote the handbook on this subject”. Neither Mr. Farrell or Ms. Sullivan was ever too busy to speak with me when I had questions.  I feel God had a hand in getting me connected to this wonderful firm, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

- C.C.

“As a licensed attorney and longtime service provider, I write this message and the accolades included for Clyde Farrell and his Team, in behalf of my two brothers, as well as myself. We were originally referred by to Clyde by another attorney in the matter of our 93 year old Mom, who was admitted to a rehab/nursing home facility in the DFW area. From our initial meeting with Clyde, it was apparent to us that we were in the right place. In our behalf, he adroitly and thoroughly navigated us through the entire unknown, but especially the Medicaid qualification process, while avoiding the spend down provision traps, etc., which resulted in maximum preservation for the assets of the estate, while insuring Mom had the best care available. Over almost a year leading to her passing, and beyond, Clyde and his Team were always timely, responsive, insightful, and caring. Thank you Clyde, Meredith and the other team members.”

- W.T. for D.T., T.T. & Mom

“I have worked with Farrell & Pak twice. First, they assisted us by putting our family home in a Lady Bird Deed of Trust. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The cost of hiring them saved our family a significant amount in the long-run. It was money well-spent. Bliss Pak was very skilled, considerate, and tactful when talking to my elderly mother about a variety of sensitive subjects related to end-of-life issues. She was able to put us both at ease and handled everything very professionally.

More recently, I met with Clyde Farrell, who helped me with my Will and other legal family documents important to my heirs. He was easy to work with, very professional, and now I have the peace of mind knowing that, moving forward, all of my legal affairs are in order. I highly recommend their firm, for any legal family issues.”

- J.P.

“Farrell & Johnson proved to be an invaluable resource as we looked to Medicaid support for my mom’s nursing home care. In what was a very complicated financial application, they were able to compile the paperwork and submit the documents to the Texas Health and Human Services department successfully. I am certain that without their support, the application process would have failed. And their guidance was contrary to other legal support services we considered. We have great confidence in their knowledge and expertise in the legal matters regarding Medicaid applications.”

- T.G.