Our Services

Legal Services for Elder Texans and Their Families

We counsel clients planning for their elder years. Many clients are facing the need for long-term care and increased medical, nursing or attendant care services in the immediate future, for themselves or for a spouse or parent.  Other clients are planning for the future and want to put in place the financial plans and legal authorizations that will enable their wishes to be known and their chosen agents to be fully authorized to handle their affairs if and when they are not able to do so independently.

As the life expectancies of Americans continue to increase, so has the need and importance of medical and financial planning. In addition to this trend, the decisions families must face on behalf of their loved ones have also become more complex. The greatest gift is often a well-considered plan that leaves the agent for an incapacitated person with a clear expression of their wishes, priorities and instructions for handling the inevitable financial and personal matters that accompany ill health; increasingly, we see that the estate plan (for distribution to heirs at the end of a life) as envisioned at an earlier stage of life is disrupted by the need for long-term care later in life. A new plan then weaves together a life plan that accommodates current needs and balances other priorities such as keeping inherited property in the family or providing for dependents.

Our priority is to equip our clients and their agents with the information and legal advice they need to enable the best possible quality of life throughout their long lives. Ideally, planning for long-term care and the disposition of an estate occurs before the need arises. When assets or income are insufficient to fund the expense of quality care for an elderly person (or a younger person with the medical necessity for such care), we work with families in whatever condition they find the estate.  We may refer you to a Geriatric Care Manager if you need help with choosing the best care setting and services for your loved one.  With the care plan in place, then we can work with caregivers to conserve assets to the extent possible, while seeking the best care in the most suitable environment. We seek to provide peace of mind for our clients.

Services we provide routinely include:

  • Legal  and financial planning for long term care
  • Medicaid planning, application and appeals
  • Estate planning for individuals and couples
  • Power of Attorney Agent and Guardianship advisory
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Alternatives to Probate
  • Guardianship
  • Referrals to related geriatric services

How We Work with You

Our services are available in an appointment format.  Please call us at (512) 323-2977 to schedule your initial conference.  You will speak with Reba Adams, Client Relations Assistant, who will handle scheduling and communications with you until you have met with an attorney.  Prior to your appointment, click here to get a QUESTIONNAIRE for your needs (or you can ask Reba to mail you a Questionnaire if you cannot download from the Forms page on this website), and collect the Documents you need to bring (see Documents list for your type of case). Please complete the Questionnaire to the extent you can, bring it and the relevant documents with you to your initial conference.

Initial Conference

Your initial conference is an information exchange session scheduled for 1.5-two hours. You may meet first with our legal assistant or a law associate to review the questionnaire and organize your information, facts, and figures so that we may understand your situation. Then, you will meet with one of our partners who handles the type of matters involved to discuss your questions, concerns and planning needs.

Some clients find that we are able to address their specific questions in the initial conference.  Most clients or caregivers find that they require additional services.  If so, we enter into an attorney-client agreement in which the client hires us to provide legal counsel and guidance through a planning process related to planning for their elder years and long-term care needs, special needs trusts, estate plans and/or probate. Our focus is on the quality of life and wishes of our client, the beneficiary of this planning. We may communicate with caregivers including spouses, children and other family members, but our duty is to the client for whom we all are working to provide the highest quality of life while respecting their wishes and values.

We have no attorney-client relationship with any person unless and until an attorney-client agreement is signed by you and us.  Fees will be set in the attorney-client agreement and are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of issues involved.

If you ask us to work with you on planning, we will prepare a written document addressing your options, legal requirements, process and other matters of legal, financial and practical advice.  Once you have received our analysis in this written plan, we invite you to schedule a follow-up appointment in which we answer your remaining questions, move forward with your decisions, and implement the plan you choose after becoming well-informed and considering the several paths available to reaching your goals.

Disclaimer: This website is intended for general informational purposes only and nothing contained in this website is legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is created by this site and none exists unless or until a written agreement is signed by you and Farrell & Johnson PLLC. Communication with us through this website will not establish an attorney-client relationship. You should not act upon any information provided on this website until you have sought appropriate legal counsel.